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Please join the JSNI Facebook community page if you have any questions regarding the following:

  • General Japanese culture questions,
  • Are looking for Japanese classes in Northern Ireland,
  • Need Japanese text translated or a translator for a project,
  • Information on how to become a teacher in Japan,
  • Looking to emplou Japanese speaking staff, or
  • Want to be notified of our events.

This is where you can talk to a wide range of people, from Japan, Northern Ireland and further afield, who may have better information on your specific question than the JSNI committee. It is also where we post most regularly about our events. Just request membership!

If you would like to become a member of the society, please ask at one of our events, or visit our Members page »

ONLY use the form below if have a question specifically for the JSNI committee. Any questions that do not fit into this category (and which should be asked on our Facebook page as mentioned above) may not be answered.