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Japanese Cooking Lesson

Date  /  Sat 19th October 2019
Time  /  6pm-9pm
Location  /  To Be Announced

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With many request for Japanese cooking lesson, we are attempting small cooking lesson for JSNI members. Place are limited and booking required. Fee to cover the cost will apply.

Future Events

Events for the 2018-2019 year.

Family Christmas Party

Date  /  Sat 7 December 2018
Time  /  2-5pm
Location  / Lilian Bland Pavilion, Glengormley

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Our Christmas Party where we share Japanese food together. Bring a dish and a small present for pass the parcel. The children can meet a very special guest. Free for JSNI member, £10 for guest.

New Year Dinner

Date  /  Sat 11th January 2020
Time  /  From 7.30pm
Location  / Sakura Belfast (To Be Confirmed)

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We will get together in a restaurant in Belfast City Centre for a meal to say ‘Happy New Year!’. Each person pays for their own food.

Film Night

Date  /  Sat 1st Feburary 2020
Time  /  From 7.30pm
Location  / Studio 1A, Bangor

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We will get together and watch a Japanese film. The film will be in Japanese with English subtitles. Free for JSNI members / £3 for guest.

Hinamatsuri / Spring Dolls Party

Date  /  Sat 7th March 2020
Time  /  2-5pm
Location  / Whitehead Community Centre

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We will get together and eat Japanese food and look at a set of traditional Hinamatsuri dolls. Japanese traditional dance will be performed by Hannari Club. Free for JSNI members/£10 for guest

Ohanami / Cherry Blossom Picnic

Date  /  Sat 25th April 2020
Time  /  1-5pm
Location  / Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park, Belfast

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We will get together under the sakura trees and eat a picnic. Please bring your own lunch and maybe something to share with the group.

AGM & Summer Party

Date  /  Sat 20th June 2019
Time  /  2-5pm
Location  / Marquis Hall, Bangor

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This is a JSNI’s Annual General Meeting. We will also have fun to celebrate Summer with Kids OMIKOSHI making with the theme of Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic 2020. Free for JSNI members/£10 for guest